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Japanese Contract

Drafting, Translation, Legal Review and Negotiation regarding Contracts Governed by Japanese Laws or Written in Japanese

Many international companies have sought business opportunities in the Japanese market and the number of occasions where contracts with Japanese business partners need to be executed has been increasing. While such contracts vary from complex investment agreements to straightforward employment agreements, they are governed by the laws of Japan in many cases. Also, there are cases where international start-up companies are requested by Japanese business partners to enter into a contract that is written only in Japanese. In those situations, the contracts that were executed without proper legal advice face higher risks of future disputes with the Japanese business partners. Ikuta Sogo Legal Office is able to provide international businesses with legal services including drafting, translation, legal review and negotiation regarding such contracts.

If you encounter problems regarding contracts with Japanese business partners, including the following, please feel free to contact us:

  • Your subsidiary in Japan needs to enter into employment contracts with its Japanese employees but you find it difficult to prepare satisfactory contracts that comply with Japanese employment laws
  • You find an investor in Japan who is willing to invest into your business and need to execute an investment agreement that is governed by Japanese law
  • Your start-up company in Japan is requested by a Japanese business partner to execute a contract that is written only in Japanese but you do not understand what is stated in the document and its legal consequences

The lawyers at Ikuta Sogo Legal Office have strong expertise in handling various types of contracts, acquired through many years of practising at one of the most highly regarded international business law firms in Tokyo. They also have a good knowledge of international laws and transactions gained from studying at universities, and working at international law firms, in the UK and US.

Our firm’s goal is to provide our clients with quality legal services in a timely manner at affordable fees. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry regarding legal issues via our contact form or phone. We are happy to have an initial meeting online at your convenience.