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Practice Areas

Japanese Contract

Drafting, Translation, Legal Review and Negotiation regarding Contracts Governed by Japanese Laws or Written in Japanese

Many international companies have sought business opportunities in the Japanese market and the number of occasions where contracts with Japanese business partners need to be executed has been increasing. While such contracts vary from complex investment agreements to straightforward employment agreements, they are governed by the laws of Japan in many cases. Also, there are cases where international start-up companies are requested by Japanese business partners to enter into a contract that is written only in Japanese. In those situations, the contracts that were executed without proper legal advice face higher risks of future disputes with the Japanese business partners. Ikuta Sogo Legal Office is able to provide international businesses with legal services including drafting, translation, legal review and negotiation regarding such contracts.

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Sports Law

Advising on legal issues regarding sports-related contracts and disputes

Recently, sports leagues in Japan, the football league (J.League) in particular, have become popular fields for internationally recognised athletes to play in. It is clear that the market for the sports industry in Japan has gradually been expanding. On the other hand, it is hard to deny the fact that the number of legal issues relating to sports has also increased. Based on the high degree of experience and expertise, Ikuta Sogo Legal Office is able to provide legal support for such sports-related issues.

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Dispute Resolution / Compliance / Employment Law

Handling domestic and international disputes including litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings

It is difficult for any business to avoid entirely disputes with its business partners, customers and employees. The lawyers at Ikuta Sogo Legal Office worked for many years in the dispute resolution group at one of the most highly regarded international business law firms in Tokyo. During that period, they handled many domestic and international litigations, arbitrations and mediations with regard to the laws of employment, corporations, real estate, product liability, securities, competition and tax. We have also dealt with a number of investigations into internal misconduct and compliance issues and are able to provide legal advice on internal handling of potential disputes. Based on our thorough investigation and legal research on relevant facts and laws, our law firm supports our clients who are involved in disputes and leads them to the best solution for their disputes.

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Data Protection Law

Assistance for compliance with data protection regulations in Japan

As the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU has shown, many countries across the world have deployed data protection regulations to protect personal data. The issues of data protection have substantially attracted public attention internationally as the regulations have become stricter. In Japan, the revised Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI) came into effect on 30 May 2017 and is the core data protection regulation in Japan. Accordingly, global companies which process personal data in Japan are basically required to comply with the APPI. Ikuta Sogo Legal Office has advised many overseas companies handing personal data in Japan on their compliance with the APPI. Also, based on the experience of working for a UK law firm specialising in data protection, the founding lawyer at Ikuta Sogo Legal Office has supported many Japanese companies on their compliance with the GDPR.

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